Man, what have I done exactly to deserve all this excellent, chunky, electronic post-rock? I remember, not too long ago, when 65daysofstatic were pretty much the only band doing this kind of stuff (although, of course, there were always more names in the genre). Now, it seems as if we’re in the middle of a huge explosion of this style, with bands like Reformat and Tides From Nebula doing some really cool stuff with the sound in the past few years. Well, to this illustrious group we can now add The Kompressor Experiment, a Swiss group dealing in the delayed, the electronic, and the down-right massive kind of post-rock I’ve grown to love.

The fact that they’re from Switzerland should tip the astute among you off as to what you can expect from this album. The post-rock scene over there is known for treading the post rock/metal divide very, very closely, usually relying on aggressive riffs to tie off their brand. Bands like Mountain or Hubris., both from Switzerland, aren’t shy when it comes to turning up the distortion when they need to and The Kompressor Experiment are no different. Take the over fifteen minutes runtime of opener “Monolith I” as an example; it starts off with some crunchy synth but fast devolves into riff after riff of groovy guitars.

Throughout the track you get this sensation of drifting off into space or slowly climbing some huge monument; the riffs get tighter as they get dirtier, the synths making several comebacks to scratch all sorts of itches down the line. The end result of all of this is just what we described above, post-rock which flirts with post-metal in all sorts of pleasing ways. Add in a dash of beautiful ambience near the end of the track, and you have 2001 in a nutshell, an intricate, heady album that insists on swinging on all fronts and pulling it off to boot. Head on below to see for yourself and don’t forget to click through to the band’s Bandcamp page and pre-order the album. Seriously, you have no idea how important pre-orders are; they’re one of the best ways to support bands and this is a band which certainly deserves your support.