Swedish death metal troop Paganizer have terrorizing the homes and villages of peaceful normies for two decades now. What’s particularly impressive about this feat is the band’s sustained quality in releases throughout. Keepers of one of death metal’s most undersung and underrated discographies, Paganizer followed the initial wave of the early-90s death metal scene to establish a lasting and impactful career. Their 11th full-length album, The Tower of the Morbid, drops October 27th via Transcending Obscurity Records, and we’re pleased to bring you the premiere of one of this album’s fiendishly delightful tracks, “They Came to Die”, exclusively here at Heavy Blog Is Heavy!

One particular element of Paganizer’s sound that makes them distinct in the death metal world is their penchant for catchy melody that never sacrifices heft. This track is a perfect example of what the band does best, unfurling memorable passages that never lose their sense of propulsion or intensity. The band is firing on all cylinders here, churning out catchy riffs that establish themselves without ever overstaying their welcome. It also displays Rogga Johansson’s masterful approach to tempo, as the track feels appropriately propulsive without missing out on the hefty gut punch inherent in the best death metal. It’s another incredible track from one of Swedish death metal’s least sung heroes. 

Fans of traditional death metal (particularly of the buzz-saw Swedish variety) will find plenty to love here, so consider “They Came to Die” a mere taste of the deadly delights to come in The Tower of the Morbid. Pre-orders for are available on the band’s Bandcamp page. Go get yourself some good-ass death metal.