I don’t listen to grindcore as often as Matt does, but I still know my way around the genre. Deathgrind has always been my preferred iteration of the style. Bands like Pig Destroyer and later Napalm Death are able to couple the unbridled aggression of grind with the memorability and riff-oriented approach of death metal. All this is on full display across “grey goo.”, the latest single from Rank and Vile off their new album redistribution of flesh. It’s an excellent example of deathgrind firing at all cylinders with plenty of riffs and blasts for grind fans of any preference.

At just shy of three minutes, “grey goo.” flows through every mood and flavor that makes deathgrind great. Gruff, howling vocals tower of crunching riffs and roaring blasts, developing into a slow, plodding romp to close out the track. Grind fans will draw parallels to Misery Index and Rotten Sound, with a grittier edge (as evidenced by the album cover). It’s a fantastic track that should excite listeners for what redistribution of flesh. has to offer.

redistribution of flesh. is available Oct. 18 and can be pre-ordered here.