Look, if it has the word “Ultraterrestrial” in its name, it has to be cool. Right? Luckily, the track itself we’re premiering today more than lives up to its name. Immanifest play a weird and powerful kind of mix between symphonic black metal and tech death that ends up sounding like a car crash between Dimmu Borgir and Within the Ruins or Shadow of Intent. And yet, like the fabled crash you can’t look away from, it somehow works. All elements having been turned up to eleven, the extremes of the track curve towards each other in the stratosphere and merge into one tidy little ride. Head on down below to hear for yourself!

The secret is, first and foremost, in the tones; the synth sound on this track is perfect, hitting on that cheesy, melodramatic tone that symphonic black metal is so good for while not overdoing it and taking up too much of the mix. The bass tone is always worth mention, switching between a loud and prominent sound for the technical passages and a softer vibe for the melodic parts. Throw those jittery guitars in, good vocal variety, and a non-stop feel for dynamic song-writing and you get “Ultraterrestrial Creation”. While the technical aspects are there to bemuse you, the more melodic and over the top segments are there to overwhelm and soothe you at the same time, creating quite an emotional whirlwind.

Macrobial, the band’s debut album, releases on November 8th via The Artisan Era and promises to delight both fans of technical death metal and those who still hunger for the heyday of symphonic black metal. You can pre-order it right here.