Effective post-punk seemingly always strikes a balance between genre ideals and young energy. Of course, the same can be said about a multitude of genres. But this feels especially true for post-punk, a style revolving around reverb and atmosphere that can easily result in airy, nondescript compositions. A little too much genre homage and you risk sounding inessential. Not enough reverence to the past and you forfeit the strengths that made the style a rock mainstay.

Thankfully, Secret Shame strike this balance perfectly on Dark Synthetics, and album of brooding post-punk anthems that aims to be as stylistically inclusive as possible. Elements of deathrock, darkwave, goth rock, and related subgenres pop up throughout the record’s tight runtime. It’s a perfect example of a “quality over quantity” album, with tracks like “Calm” offering more than enough substance on its own. Head below and surrender to the dark vibes.

Even casual post-punk fans should find themselves bobbing their heads to the track’s infectious groove. Complete with a consistent, plodding beat and the perfect balance of songwriting and reverb, “Calm” is exactly how the genre should be performed in 2019. Lena’s hauntingly beautiful vocals elevate the proceedings significantly, though the success of the track is truly a group effort. Expect a full review of Dark Synthetics in the coming days, and in the meantime, check out the other fantastic lead singles the band’s already released.

Dark Synthetics is available Sept. 6 and can be purchased directly from Secret Shame via Bandcamp.

The band will also be hitting the road starting on Sept. 7, with their first stop at Hopscotch Music Festival. Check below or click here for their full tour schedule:

9/07 – Raleigh, NC @ Hopscotch Music Festival
9/08 – Richmond, VA @ Hypercube
9/09 – Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
9/10 – Montclair, NJ @ The Meat Locker
9/11 – York, PA @ Skid Row Garage
9/13 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Broadway
9/14 – Fredericksburg, VA – Rec Center FXBG
9/15 – Greensboro, NC @ New York Pizza
9/16 – Asheville, NC @ The Mothlight