Alright folks, it’s time for yet another doom/psych/stoner release in 2019. Lord knows what it is about this year which is making psychedelic music blow up but blowing up it is. This time, we have Besvärjelsen (“conjuring”), hailing from Stockholm, with their aptly named Frost. On this, their fourth release, Besvärjelsen present us with a sleazier Pallbearer or a more direct SubRosa, channeling the trappings of emotionally laden doom into the drawn out, synth-heavy, tripped out aesthetics of a stoner release. Coupled with some excellent vocal work, the end result is an album which hits just the right spot, offering up both evocative guitar work and crushing melody. Head on over to Metal Injection for your first taste.

I really want to highlight track number two on this release, “All Things Break”. It has an inescapable kind of groove, which kicks in after the first verse. It’s hypnotic in its repetition and ingenious in its little flavors and variables, keeping us engaged while the multiple guitar tracks wind away their ideas, before returning to the verse structure for the vocals to return. The drawl on the vocals works so well with the drawn out version of the riff that plays behind them, tying a neat little bow around everything. This is what I love this album so much: a lot of attention has been given to melody and harmony, making sure that separate parts of the composition, even when they’re going off on their own tangents, end up melding pleasingly in your ear. This also shines through on the excellent “In the Dark”, with its brilliant drum fills and lilting main guitar lead.

This release is also part of the excellent Post Wax project being led by Blues Funeral Recordings. If you’re unfamiliar, this is a curated vinyl subscription service they’re running. Judging by the last few releases, not just this one but also Elder‘s excellent jam sessions, this service is something to watch out for in the future. In the meantime, head on over to Besvärjelsen’s Bandcamp and get your hands on Frost. It releases this Friday!