Where do we even begin with Wizard Rifle? Even after two records (both of which are well worth your time if you’re not familiar), I still have no idea what to call these dudes. They bring a little too much zany, unpredictable energy to be square-pegged as stoner rock, they’re far too wanderlusting to be called hardcore, and they’re way too much of heshers to be lumped in with what we’re calling prog nowadays. Anyway, somewhere between these points this bizarre duo makes their magic happen, almost like a crossover of Butthole Surfers and Mastodon that’s hellbent on playing it loose and reckless, or as if Big Business got lost in the forest and wigged out on mushrooms for the last five years. Whatever it is, it’s loud, it’s fast, it’s weird, and there’ll be more than a few surprises along the way. Hear for yourself with our premiere of “V” from Wizard Rifle’s upcoming self-titled release (due out August 30 via Svart).

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Whereas Speak Loud, Say Nothing was the wilier of their releases, “V” picks up closer to where things left off on 2014’s Here in the Deadlights, taking frenetic breakneck tempos and melting them down into a delightful clusterfuck of noise and sludge. “V” has thrashy gallops that mutate into a Melvins-esque frenzy only to coast off into a sort of QOTSA-inspired rock’n’roller before drifting off into a spacey bridge. But wait, there’s more! Somewhere along the ride, these guys say “fuck it,” smash the brakes, and pivot into a High on Fire sort of hailstorm that subsides before erupting into wave after wave of ear-twisting and ante-upping adrenaline injections. It’s a whirlwind of an experience and what’s more is that these guys seem to do it all with their eyes closed. As schizophrenically as they structure things, there is a distinct personality that’s able to tie the maniacal to the spaced out. How? I have no clue! I just know it fucking rocks.

Don’t just sit there, pre-order this dang thing from Svart before it drops on August 30.