Ages ago, we here at Heavy Blog stopped trying to chase the news. We realized that there are way faster publications out there and that breaking news wasn’t our forte anyway. And, for the crushing majority of times, this has been a great shift for us. The one thing I regret that we’ve lost is coverage of singles; this means that we often miss out on covering so many bands who release one or two tracks or that have albums coming up a while away. But the system is the system and the fact is that we just don’t that kind of stuff anymore. Right? Well, sometimes even the system must be bent and exceptions made, like the one I’m making right here by writing about Petlib. and their new single, “Wounds”. Let’s go right to the music and chat a bit after. See you there.


Heavy stuff. Petlib. (formerly known as Pet Library) have their roots in emo music but their upcoming release, Maker, is full of other influences. Ranging from heavier tracks like the ones above to post-rock soundscapes which draw heavy inspiration from the second wave of post-rock, the album is a kick and a half of experimental music. “Wounds” displays the album’s heaviness in its more hardcore influenced format but post-black and emo heaviness are certainly not in short supply on the album. This means that not only is their variety in the intensity of the album, creating a multi-layered and often challenging listening experience, but in the type of intensity on display.

Suffice it to say, if you are intriguing by the above, I heavily recommend following the band as we get closer to release. Maker is a beast that needs to be taken in in its full splendor and no glimpse would do it justice. That being said, “Wounds” does start to give you a good idea into the rawness of the album, one of its main strengths. Head on over to Beth Shalom Records’ Bandcamp above to pre-order the release, it drops on August 9th.

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