In place of a Grind My Gears column this week, we’re giving you a very short, very sharp dose of some Scottish grime’n’grind. Previously seen on splits with Holy Grinder and The Power Of Violence (not to mention their fantastic LP The Abandonment Of Musicality), Insufferable play dirty grind for fans of saggy-stringed riffs and choppy, spazzy beats – exactly the kind of nastiness your nana wants you to give up. She means the best and she just wants what is best for you, but you can tell her to fuck right off. Head over the jump to hear two tracks from the power duo’s latest offering, The Tightening Grip.

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The title track from the upcoming seven-minute scuzz-fest has one of the downright dirtiest riffs you’ll hear all year; so overdriven and turgid the guys from Nails probably hear this shit in their nightmares. It jumps to and from blasts and furious drum skin mashing enough times during its brief bombardment that you’ll probably spew at least once. If not, the vomit is going to be tickling up the back of your throat when you run through “Who You Know”. Waller and King offer up their double vocal attack for thirty seconds, gargling coins and shitting rimshots ’til smoke belts out of their amps and their bass drum explodes. There are no clean edges or cute tricks coming out of the band’s home in Fife. Just festering scabs of grinding violence barely fit for human consumption. Lovely stuff.

Recorded in Rosyth with the band’s original drummer Matthew Ian, The Tightening Grip will see the light of day on July 14th. Keep an eye on them here for physical copies and, while you’re at it, grab some of their merch. The mad gimp they have across all of their merch and releases should give Eddie or Vic a run for their money. Fucking pansies. Insufferable will be smashing local venues through the summer in anticipation for an appearance at Dreadfest next year alongside some ridiculous bands like Gadget, WAKE, Friendship, and more. All that’s left is for a brief word from the Scots savages themselves. Support local grind, don’t be a wuss.

Thanks for giving a shit! We’re grateful for any and all support! We’re both excited to move forward with this new version of the band and we hope you all dig the new record.