Ah, friends. Do you smell it? The rot of decaying flesh? The smoke from buzzsaw guitars slicing through arms, legs, and ears? It’s the sweet stench of premium old school death metal, and there’s nothing else like it. For fans of death metal’s crustiest, nastiest, and HM-2iest of sounds, there’s little that the Netherlands’ Burial Remains do that won’t suit your fancy. Their debut full-length record Trinity of Deception is a fundamentally disgusting slab of old school death metal, and we are pleased to present you with the record’s title track ahead of release, premiering exclusively here at Heavy Blog Is Heavy!

By all measurements, “Trinity of Deception” is fundamentally brutal. Fans of Entombed, Carnage, Dismember and the like will most certainly find plenty to relish. There’s little nuance to the music Burial Remains create, and that couldn’t be meant as any greater a compliment here. This is loud, deranged, thoroughly violent death metal that is as good as this type of music gets. The riffs here are particularly noteworthy, shirking needless complexity for a catchy, precise songwriting style that is immediately enjoyable and maintains its intensity on repeat listens. The performances here are fantastic as well, with Wim and Philippus’ guitar work being a particular highlight. It’s in all a deeply enjoyable experience that has brought me back time and time again to its deliciously meat-and-potatoes charms.

Trinity of Deception drops July 12th via Transcending Obscurity Records, and is available for pre-order on the band’s Bandcamp page. Get on it, folks. This is premium stuff.