OK, that title sounded better in my head but we’re just going to run with it because it’s too late to go back now. By now, we’ve covered A Constant Knowledge of Death a few times; in March, we even premiered a track from there by-now released album, Vol. III.a: Forth From The Quiet To The Air That Trembles. Notice that little “.a” in the beginning of the name there? Apparently the madmen at ACKOD are gearing up to release four albums this year. Not only that, but they’re each spearheaded by different members of the band and thus have a distinctly unique aesthetic and sound to them. Cool, right? We think so too, which is why we’ve partnered up with the band again to bring you Vol. III.b: Cognitive Predation, the next entry in their little experiment. It’s way more abrasive, dark, and heavy than the previous release so strap in and let’s get to it.

From artwork, through ambient transitional tracks, to ringing guitar riffs and pissed off vocals, Cognitive Predation is a whole different beast than the previous, more scintillating album. In it, the post metal underpinnings of the band really shine through but they’re also augmented by metalcore flavorings and approaches. Just listen to “Outrage Fatigue”, which follows the industrial/electronic spaces of “Pyrolysis”. It’s a track filled with blast-beats, screeching guitars, and abrasive vocals, channeling the kind of technological over-bearing atmosphere that the artwork does such a good job of capturing.

The album is full with these heavier tracks, guitars tinged with post metal tones but composition veering wildly into faster, more aggressive realms on the border between progressive metal-core and hardcore before often bringing the listener back into a more contemplative segment only to then launch into some over the top solo. This kind of compositional bravery and novelty has made it really fun to follow the band and see all the different influences and decisions which brought them here. If, like me, you’re interested in seeing where they go next, make sure to pre-order Cognitive Predation right here and give them the fuel they need to keep going.