File under: track names which are going to be annoying to repeat. But also under, videos I’m glad I got to premiere since they give me an excuse to talk about sick bands. Alarmist are the latest jazz-y craze from the brilliant people over at Art as Catharsis and Small Pond Records, two of our favorite labels in operation today. As expected from the pedigree, Alarmist’s music runs the gamut between weird electronics, dexterous groove sections, and a penchant for the contrast between the muscular and the atmospheric. It’s like if Three Trapped Tigers crashed into Sun Ra or Aiming For Enrike took a chill pill for once. Basically, it’s good and off-kilter and enchanting. Let’s step over below the jump and get to it!

At its core, “Bronntanasaurus” is moved by the drum kit, its alarmingly agile style feeding into everything that’s going on. As you can see in the live video (recorded at Small Pond’s studio), the guitar player also handles secondary synth duties, meaning that lots of delay is utilized to make things mesh and gel. This lends the track an echoey quality that’s very endearing, giving everything a sheen half-remembered notes and floating ideas. The third element is the main synth sounds, varied and subtle in their tones and ideas. Whether painting little filigree explosions around everything or providing that absolutely monstrously fuzzy tone around the two minute mark, the synths are never overused. They always say what they need to say and not much more, not falling into the trap of extravagance that often plagues instrumental music like this.

To summarize, this is tasty and you need it. If you agree (and there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t), you can head on over here to pre-order Sequesterer, which releases on July 19th.