Alright folks, the band is called Slomatics so you know what time it is. That’s right, it’s time for fuzz, slow riffs, and a pressure is blank and as pitiless as the sun (yeah, that’s a Yeats reference, what are you going to do, arrest me?) Gearing up (get it) for Canyons, their upcoming album, the Ireland based Slomatics is not taking any prisoners. The new single off of said album, “Gears of Despair”, is over nine minutes of massive riffs, huge synths, smokey vocals, and sci-fi concept art just like we like it. We’re excited to premiere it and its accompanying visual component today; head on down below!

I think what really sells this track for me are those weird, synthesized vocal choirs that dominate its middle part. They blend really well with the drawn out chords and sidereal vocals, creating this sense of grandeur that’s really hard to escape. The overall impact reminds us of Ancestors early work or, when it really delves those Diluvian depths, some of AHAB‘s more melodic passages. Later on, the guitars pick up on much of this melody and accentuate it with a great solo which leads into the final passages of the track, leading up to a more up-tempo and energetic drum part that’s one of the last statements by the track.

Overall, Slomatics manage to do what many doom bands cannot but must and that’s introduce variation, theme, and mood while adhering strictly to the repetitive, drone-y tenets of the genre. If “Gears of Despair” is any indication, Canyons should hold plenty of that for any fan of the genre. It releases June 14th via Black Bow Records. You can pre-order it right here.