Transcending Obscurity Records is at it again. As one of the most consistent names in the heavy music scene, it’s impossible for me to pass up an opportunity to write about a new track from a band on the label. This time around, we’re proud to present “Neon Graves”, the title track of Florida death metal duo Goregäng’s debut record, premiering exclusively here at Heavy Blog!

While you may not have heard of Goregäng up to this point, you may have heard of guitarist Jeramie Kling and drummer Taylor Nordberg’s other projects, which include Wombbath, The Absence, Ribspreader, and Venom Inc. to name just a few. It’s evident that these musicians have diligently honed their instrumental chops, as “Neon Graves” is a patient, thorough beast of a death metal track. It begins with a methodical lurch of a death-doom riff, evolving from their into a classic death metal chug, occasionally accented by some fun crusty punk drum work. Throw in Kling’s wretched vocal delivery and you have yourself a death metal track that checks all the essential boxes for a certified, headband-worthy good time.

Check out “Neon Graves”, and look for the band’s full-length debut to drop May 20th. You can also pre-order the record on the band’s Bandcamp page. Get on it.