Ah, Valentine’s Day! For some, this is a day for celebration, for basking in the warm glow of romantic love and its fabled perfumes. For others, it is a troublesome day, accentuating their loneliness with its acute forms of social ritual. For yet others it is a day marked in their calendar by a dollar sign, as they ready themselves to swoop in and capitalize on our desire to express our love. And for an especially esoteric slice of the population, for the merchants of riff, fuzz, and raspy vocal line, it is a day to worship our Lord Below, the almighty Satan! Green Lung hail from that last group, today releasing a video for their track “Let the Devil In”, off of their upcoming album Woodland Rites. It’s a groovy doozy and a half, with plenty of hooks to keep you engaged and we’re happy to premiere it today!


At this point in stoner rock’s illustrious history, what are you doing if you’re not having some fun? This track is all fun and more, sporting a mighty main riff that’s sure to induce plenty of chair dancing among the flock of the faithful who worship the kind of tones and fuzz that’s been making rock, well, rock for the past four decades and change. Backed by a powerful groove section, the guitars are allowed to shin through the mix with a resplendent tone, not only infectiously groovy but also pronounced and full to boot. The vocals come in from above to make the package complete, offering exactly the type of performance you want, and need, from this kind of track.

The video itself tapes the live energy of the band and crosses it with vintage video bits and pieces that get its unapologetic message across: the Devil wants you and you’d better respond in kind! If this track is any indication, Woodland Rites is set to please any heart that longs for well made, well produced stoner rock and we couldn’t be more excited for it. It releases on March 20th and you can pre-order it right here.