Mark my words: Willoptip Records is one of the most underrated labels in metal today. Their brand of unrelenting, uncompromising, and often weird death metal is unequaled today in its quality. Case in point, Desecravity, a technical death metal band from Japan who has now released Anathema through the aforementioned label, their first album in five years. These guys deal in the fastest, most absolutely jaw-dropping kind of death metal, effortlessly weaving between sweep, blast-beats and guttural vocals, dishing out track after track of punishing brutality.

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It’s really hard to choose a standout track from this excellent album but I chose “Ominous Harbinger” for it’s amazing bass lines. They start off backing the main riff, sticking close to the guitars and adding their own little flourishes to the track’s structure. Further down the track, they go off on their own, exploring many different directions in the slightly more ambient middle section of the track before returning to unison with the guitars for the blistering last act of it. Their tone, the production, and, most importantly of all, their composition and execution are a joy to listen to and go a long ways towards generating the appeal of this album.

The thing is, everything is up to the same standard; the vocals never falter, consistently delivering their mix of low guttural and high-pitched backing screams to great effect. The guitars aren’t just fast, they’re interesting to boot, effortlessly dipping from technically astounding lines to emotive riffing and a more direct onslaught. The drums follow suit, going fast but also providing plenty of punch and staying power. This is simply technical death metal done exceptionally well, releasing on a label that’s made it its mission to find that kind of music.