By now, the fruitful conjunction between Heavy Blog and A Thousand Arms should be known to all who follow our post-rock oriented content. A year and a half ago, one of the most joyous results of this conjunction came to be and that was me getting acquainted with the music of Seeress. On their album Great Void, they channeled the boundaries between post-rock and post-metal to create an effective treatise on isolation, longing, and introversion in the form of a massive album consisting of silences just as powerful as their thunderous counterparts. Now, and as part of A Thousand Arms’ latest compilation, Seeress are releasing the first single from their upcoming album, The Dream Passes. The track is titled “Death Will Come and It Will Have Your Eyes” and it’s a monster of a track, channeling all the tried and true tropes that have made Seeress brilliant in the past. Head on down below to stream it!


It’s all about the tone, folks. The initial buildup of the track, lasting almost five minutes, is filled with plenty to keep us hooked by way of more subtle and nuanced hints of changes on the guitar lines. When the tension finally explodes in the first, meaty section of the track, it’s the tone of the multiple guitar tracks that lend it the contrast needed to make good on the intro’s promise. From there, the track re-configures the main guitars over and over again, consistently clashing the cleaner leads with the chunkier chords.

Meanwhile, the drums and bass provide the backbone that’s always been one of Seeress’s most appealing qualities. Under their graces, the track fills heavy and fulfilling, delivering its statements with a punch clarity that’s all about a groove section that knows both how to hit and how to dance away, as it does when the track falls away again into a more ambient section after its middle. There, the bass is a kind of backing “vocal”, crooning us into dreams behind the scenes while the drums are an agile dancer, swimming among the resplendent guitar tones, cleans now dominant in the mix, ushering us into the noisy outro which wraps everything up.

All in all, it’s one hell of a ride and hints at the expansive album which Seeress have, once again, prepared for us. The Dream Passes releases on Feburary 7th via the brand new Post. Recordings, where you can also pre-order the album. And don’t forget to check out the aforementioned A1KA compilation; there’s always amazing stuff on it.