Sometimes, you just want metal to move you. After all, that’s the basic promise of the genre, isn’t it? Large, sweeping, epic, moving; these are all adjectives that would fit well when describing the core of metal’s sound. Underneath all the permutations, these are some of the main forces which make it be. Meadows End have a firm grasp on this idea; everything they make is instilled with this forward-momentum, a focus on grabbing the listener by the scruff of their neck and carrying them away on some adventure or other. “Non-Dreaming Eye”, off of their upcoming fourth album The Grand Antiquation is no different; the track relies on big synths, aggressive vocals, and an even larger solo to dig deep into your heart and set a flame burning there. Head on below for the single itself alongside a video!

The video for this track is kind of perfect; it opens with an awkwardly goofy dialog and the premise itself, of a metal band playing their new track in a sauna, is just as light-hearted. It’s a refreshing change from frost-bitten black and white videos taken in abandoned warehouses; the vibe here is fun and endearing. The track itself also leans into this vibe. It is based, first and foremost, around the basic guitar riff that sounds throughout, reminding us of Insomnium‘s approach to composition.

This melodic style is further enhanced by the synths which back up their guitar; their tone is great and their place in the mix, just below the guitars but audible where they need to be, allows them to play their supporting role perfectly. This makes the resulting verse bouncy and filled with energy, carrying us from chorus to chorus very well. The added vocals, informed by classically melodic death metal approach to growls, close off the package, lending the track some needed depth and attack. By the time the solo erupts, a fantastic iteration on elements found earlier in the track, we’re sold and ready to be moved.

The Grand Antiquation releases on March 8th, via Black Lions Records. You can head on over here to pre-order it.