2016 was a wild year. One of the main reasons for that is that there was just so much great music being released, comparable only to…well, 2018! Just like this year, we discovered some truly fantastic new music and an instrumental band called Mammoth was one of then. We even got to premiere one track off of their release, Deviations. On it, they played some truly wild jazz fusion/progressive metal, bewildering us with an album that was incredibly complex but also somehow effortless and filled with momentum.

Imagine our disappointment to then learn that the band was apparently defunct and that no new music was coming. But, fortunately for us, not everything was doom and gloom! Day has come again! Apparently, Mammoth has reformed with a fair majority of its original band members (plus some lineup changes) under the name Thraikill and they have an album out, called Everything That Is You! Today! And we’re premiering it in full right here. If you’re a fan of progressive music in any capacity, you need this album in your life. Head on down below to listen to it!

Somehow, this album is even better than Deviations. It has a more epic flair to it, as can easily be heard by listening to the opening track, “Consciously”, which features absolutely beautiful and grandiose strings over the trademark flamboyant guitars of the genre/this band. From the next track onwards, Everything That Is You is a nonstop masterclass in not only how to perform but also in how to write complex, instrumental metal that never fails to be exciting or approachable. Further down the line, in the deep bowels of the album, you’ll find more jazz influenced passages, playing around with vocal samples and staccato structures to make sure you’re still around (there’s a sample which asks “Oh, I’m sorry, did I break your concentration?” on one of the more complex tracks, followed by a truly mind-bending segment. Yes, yes you did).

But that’s just the thing: like Mammoth, whatever else Thraikill is doing on this album, they do it in a way which makes it seem effortless, not just for them but for you as well. No matter how thick the mix and how indulgent the composition, there’s very little fatigue involved. The music is constructed in a way which allows your mind to dip in and out, paying maximum attention where you care to and taking in “the sights” more passively where you’d like. Paradoxically, this creates more understanding of the music, as you’ll find yourself perking up in different places during your repeated listens, getting acquainted with the album at your own pace. If any of this sounds appealing to you, and it should, then grab the album from the Bandcamp link above!

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