God, I love blackened thrash. Thrash metal always seems like it could be so evil. Just take Slayer to a logical end and BLAM! You got yourself a stew going, baby. It’s dark and riffy and evil and aggressive and just such a fun trip down an avenue you don’t get a whole lot of. Siniestro is riding that fine line and creating some seriously nasty blackened thrash on their debut EP, Arctic Blood.

There is a lot of good stuff going on in this record. There is such a rough tone to everything they do. The distortion is tinny in that way that puts you on edge just a little. It’s a little unnerving because it works so well with the rough but melodic riffs that guitarist and vocalist Commander writes. Then the group will just blast off with lightning fast riffs combined with blast beats. It really creates an absolutely desolate scene. There’s just so much violence to what Siniestro creates that it’s hard to not want to absolutely rage at your desk when it launches.

The vocal range is really interesting. It’s not often you hear one vocalist attempting several variations on distorted vocals. Usually, they employ one version and do it well. Commander has some serious range. He can shout, he can growl, he can bark. What can’t the man do?!? It’s a pretty original idea really, especially playing a style that combines a lot of different influences into one sound. You’d need to sound versatile in order to sell your wares, and Siniestro pulls it off quite well.

Even though this is a debut EP from the trio, there’s a pretty high sound and production quality to this record. This is among the best releases for blackened thrash, and it just sounds too great to pass up. I’ve had a blossoming love for black metal, and it’s wonderful that black metal concepts work well in a thrash sound. It’s so much fun to hear growing bands making this kind of original sound, so blast Siniestro to your friends. It’s getting just cold enough to enjoy the Arctic Blood.

Arctic Blood is available 12/10 via Black Lion Records.