Last week, I told you how lovely and unexpected Europa‘s upcoming album, Small Steps, is. This week, I am more than thrilled to premiere said album in full. This is a rare opportunity for me because usually these “inbox discoveries” (bands I was completely unaware of before they emailed the blog) are long released by the time I get to them. There’s a special kind of shock involved in these discoveries; you expect another generic submission or something that’s good but just not great and, suddenly, you are awash in amazing music which moves you and transports you elsewhere.

Usually what follows are days spent in obsession, spinning said album over and over again in an attempt (not entirely futile) to extend that situation as much as you can. Wonderfully enough, sometimes this sensation can stretch beyond those few first listens and engulf you whenever you listen to the album again. That’s where I’m at right now with Small Steps; it’s almost like I forget just how good the album really is between listenings and then when I put it on again, I’m blown away. And now, I get to share that magic with you. So, do yourself a favor: clear your mind, find a quiet spot, and play this album. Just listen to it all the way through once; I think it’ll do something special for you as it did for me. Don’t forget to then click through below and pre-order the album; it releases tomorrow.

Happy dreaming.

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