Death is a terrible thing, arguably the most terrible thing. But when it hits you unaware, with no preparation or warning, it’s even worse. When the person taken from us is, by all accounts, a caring, deep-feeling and innovative musician, new heights of anguish and pain can be encountered. Such was the case in March of this year when Caleb Scofield (Cave InOld Man GloomZozobra and collaborator with Isis, The Ocean and Converge) died in a horrible car accident. Instantly, a voice which stood in the center of a rich and wide ranging musical community was silenced.

But the community was not; fundraisers were immediately started to help his families with two shows being announced to aid those efforts. Those shows also hid within them an act called Celestial and if that name rings a bell, it’s because it’s basically Isis, one of the most lamented acts in the history of metal. They came back together for Caleb, for his family, for his community.

We were privileged and honored beyond words to be able to send Mark to take photos at that show, the Los Angeles iteration of it. We were doubly honored to also have David there, whose words about the event will probably put this intro of mine to shame. For now, we present you with Mark’s perspective on the evening with this gallery of photos. Rest in power Caleb; you will be missed. Our hearts go out to his family and friends; we hope that they draw some comfort from the amount of love that Caleb obviously put into the world and the amount of love we, as a community, are trying to send back.

Eden Kupermintz

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You can view the full gallery on Flickr by following this link.


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