Brighton, UK-based Yuxa have an intuitive grasp on the ideal ebbs and flows of atmospheric sludge and doom.  In a genre characterized by (sometimes overly) patient build-ups and measured, drawn-out compositions, it’s refreshing to hear a band who make getting to the point possible within the post-metal/sludge framework.  The slow-burning fierceness that underlies their music, bolstered by a dual-vocalist setup, is reminiscent of Through Silver In Blood-era Neurosis, though Yuxa inject their own vibrance — they feel more direct, a candid address to the listener.  There are also hints of Cult of Luna; Yuxa have a similar mysterious light reflected in their melodic sensibilities, as well as an uncanny sense for tension-layering.

What’s most striking to me about “Founder In Light” is its adventurous mid-section, which continuously builds up and sheds its layers in an unpredictable manner.  If I were to describe the general structure of the song, it would seem deceptively simple: the beginning and the end share the same principle riff, and both are seamlessly connected to the middle.  There’s a core, a handful of motifs around which things are woven, but each strand differs; somehow Yuxa make every subtle change and transition count.  The culmination is immensely rewarding — as the lead soars and hints at the upcoming apex, everything unites in explosive triumph.  It might be worth noting that Yuxa aren’t a particularly despondent-sounding band; their sound is fiery, full of vitality and even warmth, and this may very well become their distinguishing feature.

“Founder In Light” is just the beginning.  It’s the song that kicks off Yuxa’s upcoming self-titled debut EP, which you’ll be able to download for free here starting from October 21. (Hint: the other two tracks are also very good.) You can also keep track of any updates on the band’s Facebook page.  There’s great promise to be found — as Yuxa’s discography and identity further evolve, I believe they’ll be able to make their mark.


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