It’s no secret by now that I’m a sucker for emotional doom; when you take that slow, feedback laden drawl and marry it to clean vocals and plenty of atmosphere instead of abrasive weight, I’m all there for it. There’s just something about that combo that gets me every time. It’s no surprise then that I’m all over Radiant Knife‘s latest release, Science Fiction. Released on August 8th, it’s chock full of riffs, great vocals and an overall approach to doom and stoner that gets right down to the core of why the genre work so well. Thus, I’m proud to premiere their video for “Swarming Lights Surround You” today, an excellent track showcasing the strengths of the album in general!

I remember the first time I heard this track in the context of the album; it’s near the end of it and that dreamy opening, with its solitary drum and echoing acoustic guitar, immediately arrested me. The track also features one of my favorite vocal performances from the album. It does a really good job in nailing the layered warmth that Radiant Knife are so good at, creating the contrast between vocals and guitar that I alluded to in the opening lines. All in all, this track should do a good job in convincing you that you need to listen to this album if you haven’t already and if you’re a fan of doom or stoner metal in any capacity. It’s a beautiful and chromatic journey and I recommend giving it the time of day. You can grab it from the band’s Bandcamp right here; happy listening!


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