While I often find myself getting stuck in a rut and listening to the same music all the time, it’s nice to venture out and find something out there. Terrible People from Nashville definitely fit the bill. So rarely do you hear this kind of sludgy/doomy/crusty like this. I don’t think I’ve ever really heard much quite like it that tickles both the metal and Pink Floyd parts of my brain. Terrible People call their particular brand “hellgaze” and it honestly makes a lot of sense to me. The trio sound like a shoegaze band got really aggressive with their music. There’s this interesting high energy feeling that can somehow also make it feel like a fast-approaching inevitable doom.

The clarity of their digital dissonance contributes along with the snap of the snares and the occasional shouted vocal. At the same time, they’re perfectly capable of slowing it down for more heady instrumentals. “Dave” and “Sick as Hell” really bring down the tempo and energy for some intensely doomy shoegazing electronics. On the few instances of vocals, it’s particularly haunting. There’s some interesting kind of harmonies. Imagine early Alice in Chains and you wouldn’t be too far off. The rest of the music compliments the vocal very well. The guitars have a hardened fuzz to them

The band makes such a unique sound that somehow scratches a lot of itches for me. It can be so aggressive and violent and turn around and be the gloomiest thing ever. It’s those hairpin turns that are so incredible. I’m going to be very excited where the trio goes next.

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