After listening to metal for a significant amount of time, the threshold for feeling genuinely unsettled by a piece of music is fairly high. It’s like being fed a steady diet of horror films and expecting to be terrified every time a ghoul or serial killer pops in front of the camera. Not going to happen. So it takes a bit for me to feel unnerved by a good, nasty piece of metal anymore. P.H.O.B.O.S. helped bring that feeling to life once again with their excellent track “Biomorphorror,” premiering exclusively here at Heavy Blog! If you like your metal doomy, blackened, and industrial, prepare for a psychological torture chamber of sadistic delights.

Hailing from France, P.H.O.B.O.S. are releasing their latest full-length record Phlogiston Catharsis through Transcending Obscurity Records. Those unfamiliar with their sound can find apt comparisons to Godflesh, Scorn, and perhaps even a filthier version of early Nine Inch Nails. This is industrial-infused blackened doom metal that’s only objective is to horrify and then slowly dismember you. Based on the audio assault contained in “Biomorphorror” it’s little surprise that the band has worked with the likes of Blut Aus Nord. This is atmospheric, disgustingly bleak stuff, and it’s great.

Kicking off the record with indecipherable, machine-like textures before diving headlong into a sonic abyss, the track sets the tone for the type of sounds you will here throughout this record impeccably well. The crackling beats and overwhelming, oppressive, and disgusting anti-melodies here feel ripped directly from a 90s horror movie, only more serious and intimidating. The vocals are supremely effective as well, bludgeoning the listener even further into the inky black hole the band have conjured. It’s six-and-a-half minute runtime never relents, suffocating the listener in a sonic plastic bag that’s as terrifying as it is thrilling.

If you’re missing the horror-tinged thrills of bands like Dragged Into Sunlight, you’ll be happily dragged into the pit by P.H.O.B.O.S.’ latest record. “Biomorphorror” is an outstanding track from a band that knows where they want to take you, and do so with relentless aggression. Consider me once more happily and thoroughly unnerved. Look for the full-length September 10th, and pre-order physical and digital copies on the band’s Bandcamp page.

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