When will the bad premiere post titles stop, you ask? Never! Honestly, naming these posts is a nightmare so falling back on puns and silly double entendres is all we have, give us a break. OK, on to the matter at hand which is Cavern‘s excellent brand of stoner-tinged post metal. This Oakland based duo seems to have learned the adage of “less is more” since their release in 2015, stripping back their sound to the bare necessities. The result is a type of post metal that seeps urgency and immediacy, no note out of place and no transition unnecessary. This lends them a kind of instrumental flow which lends them in the category of bands like Russian Circles and set and setting but also with Elder and their ilk. How so? Check out “Eater” below, the title track from their upcoming EP!

OK, so the basic foundations are there for all to hear from the get go, right? You have your fuzzy guitars, those loud drums and synth touches here and there to lend the thing a psychedelic garnish. But there’s plenty more hiding beneath the surface. It’s hard to miss those Elder comparisons when you listen to the track in its entirety, as loud and winding guitar leads embellish the flow of the track here and there. There’s also the decidedly post rock outro, an outro which we hope blends into plenty of noise and an eventual crescendo when you listen to the EP in its entirety. The end result is a track with plenty of things to sink your teeth into, calling back to our use of the word “urgent”; something about the music feels necessary, in the way that it grows and culminates.

If you’re excited as we are about this release, and we’re pretty damn excited, make sure to click the Bandcamp link above and pre-order Eater. You can also head on over to Grimoire Records, who are releasing this beauty on June 22nd. Don’t sleep on this release; it promises to be quite the nugget of riffs, feels and sensations of wonder. Just like we like it.


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