Finland has a reputation for producing some of the strangest, most unique death metal on the planet. The likes of Demilich, Funebre, Abhorrence, and Sentenced have had an enormous impact on the trajectory and evolution of death metal, promoting sounds and sonic textures unique to the scene. Taking the famous low end aggression of classic Finnish death while keeping the pedal to the floor for the duration of their songs, Sadistik Forest belong in the pantheon of Finnish death metal greats, and their third full-length record does absolutely nothing to dispel this notion. We here at Heavy Blog are pleased to premiere for you “Morbidly Majestic”, the opening cut of Morbid Majesties. Fans of Bolt Thrower and all things Finnish pay heed: It’s a real banger.

To be perfectly honest, most of us who love old school metal styles are slaves to the riff. The more we have, the happier we are. Sadistik Forest don’t disappoint riff-fanatics on this track in the slightest, creating an absolutely monstrous and memorable onslaught that is as destructive as it is easy to engage with. Antti Heikkinen and Matti Salo’s guitars do most of the heavy lifting here, propelling the track forward into death metal transcendence through sheer force. This is a brutal, straight-forward showcase of exactly how you write this type death metal. Solos, harmonization, and riff after pounding riff create a guitar-based assault that is immensely satisfying and head-bangable. This track isn’t pretending to be anything other than a virtual death metal slaughterhouse, and if this sound’s up your alley you’re most certainly in for a treat. Ex-Hooded Menace member Markus Makkonen’s monstrous bass and vocal work add further flavor to the proceedings, helping create a track that is utterly destructive from start to finish, just like the rest of the record.

If you’re looking for a track to kick-start your most primal instincts while simultaneously snapping your spine, Sadistik Forest are here to deliver unto you the goods. The Finnish juggernauts onto something special with their new record, and “Morbidly Majestic” is the perfect example of what makes their brand of death metal great. Hail the kings of Finland! Long may they reign. The album is out May 25th through the mighty Transcending Obscurity Records and is available for pre-order over at the band’s Bandcamp page.


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