We’ve been telling you about Raum Kingdom for a while now. Luckily for us, these Irish dealers in all things gloomy, from post-rock to post metal, with just hints of doom and sludge to tide you through, have been going the way of stability. Their last release was an excellent split with All We Expected and now, they’re gearing up for a full length release titled Everything & Nothing. It appears as if the band have once again taken their sound further, adding plenty of meat to the material we’re used to see from them. Head on down below for “Dig”!

This is what post metal sounds like when done right. I’m especially a fan of the vocal ideas near the middle of the track, right before the track goes quiet for a bit. The layers of clean and harsh vocals work exceptionally well and set the stage beautifully for the more ethereal vocal stylings of the aforementioned quiet passage. These come in to haunt the listener with both high pitched and lower intonations, creating the overall sensations of loneliness and despair before falling apart to electronic manipulations.

That’s the theme of the track in general, whether conveyed by the vocals or guitars; Raum Kingdom were always dark but this is darker than we’ve ever heard them. By the time the instruments return for the inevitable outro, we’re thoroughly steeped in the gloom of the track and the oppressive atmosphere Raum Kingdom have set out to create. Pro tip: the rest of the album is just as good. Click on through to the band’s Bandcamp right here and make sure you pre-order it. You won’t regret it.


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