Honestly, I can’t believe we’re only just running this post; there’s so much about The Family Crest that has appeal for plenty of people on our staff. Basically, imagine a version of The Dear Hunter that emphasis the orchestral elements of their sound and is also 100% more melodramatic, infectiously optimistic and grandiose. I know, right? But that’s exactly what The Family Crest are and the end result is an album that’s sweepingly beautiful, all grand gestures, big, big lines and the sort of bright outlook on life that’s hard to resist. Head on down below for your first giddy taste!

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=4128761884 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=1170287781]


The first time I heard this song, buoyed upwards by its compelling string segments, I wanted to throw my arms out and laugh, running through a meadow that was somehow in the middle of the city. From the get go, it’s very obvious what the main elements at play here are; first, there are the very prominent vocals and their range of expressions. They move from bigger than life declarations to more intimate intonations near the end but they’re always excellent and heartfelt. Then, there are the orchestral segments, much more than just a backing track but rather the meat of the business.

Lay on some acoustic guitars on top of that, a massive percussive segment and you have everything you need. Other parts of the album are tamer but there are few of them; instead, The War: Act I hits you again and again with its monumental and epic approach to indie, creating its own little world in which it takes place. To be honest, I’ve been addicted to this album just because of that; when those last notes hit, the world dims a bit. While it’s playing, colors are bright and contrast is sharp so hit play and come with me, for a little while, to a different place.


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