The synthwave self-aware machine known as Master Boot Record has a new album out on April 20th. Direct Memory Access is the, um, computer’s fifth album in 3 years, and we’re pleased to premiere it’s seventh track, “DMA 6 SCSI HOST ADAPTER”. This sentient computer is a prolific songwriter, having all these releases in such a short amount of time. And this music is nuts. Yes, it’s synthwave sort of stuff, but it incorporates ideas from metal and classical with just a little chiptune thrown in. What comes out the other side sounds very aggressive but organized.

Despite its supposed artificial origins, “DMA 6 SCSI HOST ADAPTER” sounds incredibly organic. The classical influence in the keyboard playing is so obvious and sounds almost gothic. This would sound right at home in a Castlevania game soundtrack. At the same time, there’s an obvious metal influence here. Sections of this song, along with many others from Master Boot Record, sound like chugging riffs in any metal song. It sounds similar to the chiptune soundtracks from old Nintendo and Super Nintendo games but there isn’t that cheese quality to it. It can be moody at times with the droning chords with subdued sound qualities that melt into the background while a staccato melody plays over it.

Everything Master Boot Record has produced thus far has been such a treat for my ears, and “DMA 6 SCSI HOST ADAPTER” is no different. It has a nostalgic quality that reminds me of long sessions with my NES in my parents’ basement but also has something you can really sink your teeth into. It has both passive and aggressive qualities to it. It can drone and it can come alive. Perhaps this machine is more human than human. Whatever it is, I hope it keeps producing at the pace it has. Maybe we’ll get lucky and this won’t be the only album we hear from it this year. Either way, I’ll enjoy this record from our impending robot overlord. Direct Memory Access is out April 20th via Blood Music and can be pre-ordered here.


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