Back in December one might recall that I did an end of the year round-up on the synthwave scene for 2017 wherein I talked about the rise in live synthwave shows over the course of the year and, from the state of things already, they don’t seem to have any indication of slowing down anytime soon as we venture into 2018. Case in point, and as was hinted at during an interview in the previously mentioned article, Aleks of NEO-LA has come through with their promise of putting on a synthwave music festival. Not only that, but I am proud to announce that it’ll be co-sponsored by Heavy Blog is Heavy! Furthermore, I will be there in person to cover the event with plenty of photos, interviews, and other exclusive behind the scenes coverage which will make for one hell of an article.

Twenty acts have already been confirmed, with the possibility of even more to be announced, including:

  • Street Fever
  • Gregorio Franco
  • Protector 101
  • Glitch Black
  • Street Cleaner
  • Facexhugger
  • The Encounter
  • The Warhorse
  • GlitBiter
  • Neuron Spectre
  • Elevate The Sky
  • Thrillsville
  • Fight Team 86
  • MacReady
  • Mortal Boy
  • Lucky+Love
  • Necro_Mechanical (DJ Set)
  • Spirits of the Night (DJ Set)

The event will take place Sunday, June 24 at 1720, a music venue in the warehouse district of Los Angeles, and tickets can already be purchased through Ticketfly. Right now, as of the time of this posting, the ticket price is only $15 but this is just but a limited time pre-purchase price point and it will increase a little bit more in time so act now! Plus, the more tickets that are pre-purchased in advance means that there might be a bit more time given by the venue to the festival as a whole to play as well as additional artists which could be added to the bill in turn.

Aleks from NEO-LA, who can be contacted at [email protected], is still accepting applications for vendors and additional sponsors. Heavy Blog is Heavy is proud to be among them, along with independent music label Kill All Music, as am I. As we get closer to the event, I plan to highlight a few of the acts and have another interview with Aleks to really get an insight into the festival and everything that went into putting it together. So stay tuned for much more to come!


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