Andorran prog lords Persefone‘s latest album, Aathma, was one of my favourite albums of 2017. With that record, the band struck a perfect balance between the complex compositions of Dream Theater and the more ethereal odysseys of later day Cynic, to deliver what I honestly believe to be one of the greatest examples of contemporary progressive metal. While I’m sure the album will continue to reward for years to come, it was a long wait between their breakthrough record Spiritual Migration (2013) and this magnum opus. Thankfully, the band’s fans needn’t wait to hear more from the band this time around, as we are proud to present the lyric video for their brand new single “In Lak’Ech”—a noticeably darker track, featuring Tim Charles from Ne Obliviscaris.

“In Lak’Ech” showcases both a continuation and departure from the sound Persefone established with Aathma and their previous material. The sextet have once again delivered a sprawling, progressive metal epic and (as the track’s title and the below lyric video make clear) their exploration of new age spirituality is far from over. Yet there’s something different about “In Lak’Ech” that can be felt immediately from its beginning. Th track feels “rawer” and more stripped back than anything off Aathma or their previous albums, and it boasts a distinctively more extreme metal feeling—especially apparent during its earlier half. That the track was mixed and mastered by Logan Mader (of early Machine Head fame)—rather than Jens Bogren; who handled such duties on Aathma, and has become known for his cleaner aestheticsuggests this is a conscious decision on the band’s part. The song’s darker tone is further accentuated via both violin and vocal contributions from Ne Obliviscaris‘s Tim Charles, with the end result readily bringing to mind Charles’s extreme progressive metal compatriots in Gods of Eden and Aeon of Horus.



Whether “In Lak’Ech” signals a change in direction for the band remains to be seen. In the meantime, the band’s fans will have to settle for it simply being another great addition to an outstanding catalogue, and proof that the creative fires still burn brightly within the Persefone camp.

“In Lak’Ech” can be purchased via Persefone’s bandcamp page. The band will also be touring the UK in April and you can check out a video for the song “No Faced Mindless”, featuring live footage from their 2017 European tour, here. Upcoming tour dates are below.

1 April – London, Garage
2 April – Birmingham, Asylum 2
3 April – Manchester, Ruby Lounge


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