Ever since Red Fang released their by now legendary series of music videos and, if we’re being honest, well before that, metal and humor went hand in hand. Something about the irreverence of humor, especially the over the top, nonsensical type just blends extremely well with metal’s desire to resist and non-conform. This is where Steaksauce Mustache, an Oregon based band peddling a chaotic and fuzzy version of mathcore insanity and featuring former members of Arsonists Get All The Girls, are coming from on the new single which we’re proud to premiere today. Aliens, excessive drinking (albeit of chocolate milk), bodily discharges and more all blend into an immature and deeply satisfying mix. And the music is damn good as well; head on down below to check it out!

We reached out to the band to get some explanation for these antics and we got a response which was…helpful, we suppose. Brett Roos from the band says “Our vocalist Taylor has always had this fantasy where he’s getting chocolate milk poured on him at a party by an alien that’s disguised as a giant cat. We just wanted to use this video as an opportunity to make his wildest dreams come true. With that knowledge in mind, who is ready to make a deposit into Space Bank?” At the end of the day, the best reasoning you could have for something like this is the music actually carrying it, which it really does.

“Space Bank” has just the right mix of fast, chaotic and distorted riffs, reminding us of Frontierer at times or the monolithic The Dillinger Escape Plan but it splices these riffs with more deathcore influenced breakdowns. The vocals run the same gamut, moving from the high pitched, frenetic timbre that is so emblematic of mathcore while also at times scraping the bottom of the guttural barrel for inspiration. The end result is pretty fucking heavy and mixes well with the off-kilter music video so click above and get to headbanging/drinking chocolate milk/fighting aliens. Whatever strikes your fancy.


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