Oh boy, that title really sucks, doesn’t it? Luckily, the music will more than make up for it. You might have noticed recently that we are really, really into what’s happening in the New England post rock scene. Both the result of many bands suddenly releasing music (like This Patch of Sky and upcoming titles by bands like Wess Meets West) and last year’s US edition of Dunk! Festival, that scene has had a huge spotlight pointed its way. That’s an exceptional thing, since it really has been making incredible post rock, for almost a decade now. And new names are constantly being added to our attention and the narrative of the rise of the scene, like Man Mountain, of whom we are here to talk about. They’re getting ready to release their third album, Infinity Mirror, this Friday and you absolutely have to give this new track a listen. See you afterwards.

This track and, indeed, the entire album, answers the First Eden Rule for Amazing Post Rock: loud bass and loud drums. Everything on this piece is motivated by the groove section, constantly being pushed forward by iteration upon iteration of the basic rhythm, prominent in the mix and well produced. The drum build up in the middle deserves special attention, as it serves as a linchpin for the whole thing. The nervous energies created on it and then released when the track explodes into the final chords is the justification for the entire thing. The guitars are the dynamite finally exploding but the drums are the fuse which burns way earlier and tips everything into the conflagration of emotional catharsis that post rock is so good for.

In short, it’s damn good and you can expect more ragers like it on the album. Infinity Mirror is an exceptional post rock release from an exceptional group of bands, further cementing the birth of a mini-wave within the grander scheme of things. Don’t sleep on it; make sure to pre-order Infinity Mirror right here and to keep track of more to come from this exciting community.


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