There are few words strung together in a sentence that make me salivate like “Florida” and “death metal”. As the geographical epicenter of one of the most influential branches of the metal tree, it’s nearly impossible to discuss the growth and development of death metal without namedropping Tampa, Orlando, and a slew of other locations in The Sunshine State. This is relevant because Monotheist, whose new title track “Scourge” we are incredibly proud to premiere here, shares in this historic death metal genealogy. And it shows.

From the opening seconds, it would be difficult to discern whether this was a death metal track at all. With its lush, plucked lines and languid instrumental build, the music paints an incredibly evocative sonic picture. This measured, fantastical opening very quickly morphs into something with a great deal more aggression, as guitarists Prophet and T. McDaniel begin a blistering, brutalizing assault that continues through the remainder of the track unabated. It’s a fantastic opening to a track that can adequately be described as epic.

Discussing “Scourge”, Prophet elaborated to us the significance of this track from the band’s perspective: “The title track to the new album is my personal favorite from the record and the one I’m most proud of. It’s definitely death metal banger but with some different influences that I think work well together.” He isn’t wrong. This track is an incredibly cohesive and seamless blending of technical and brutal death metal tropes, coupled with instrumental elements that helm close to Atheistic levels of progressive death. This can be credited in no small regard to Danny Jacob of Lamentations, who provides fantastic flute and guitar pyrotechnics throughout. As to the track’s themes, Prophet describes the track as an exploration of the “conviction of how one leads their life and what they feel they deserve in the face of divine mercy.” Heavy themes for a heavy track. I’ll take it.

Fans of Cynic, Atheist, Suffocation, or good death metal in general will find plenty to love in “Scourge”. This is a premium track from a premium young band that has a promising career ahead. Monotheist’s debut record Scourge will be released on March 16th, and you can pre-order it right here.


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