It’s always thrilling to find extreme metal in unlikely places. Labenese (by way of Amsterdam) blackened death metal act Kaoteon are embracing their status as unique cultural representatives by

6 years ago

It’s always thrilling to find extreme metal in unlikely places. Labenese (by way of Amsterdam) blackened death metal act Kaoteon are embracing their status as unique cultural representatives by writing some truly compelling music while smashing middle-eastern stereotypes. Regardless of locality though, Kaoteon crushes.

Spearheaded by duo Anthony Kaoteon (guitar) and Walid Wolflust (vocals), the act are gearing up to independently release their new full-length album Damnatio Memoriae February 23rd, 2018. Rounded out by Obscura bassist Linus Klausenitzer and Marduk drummer Fredrik Widigs, you can be sure that Damnatio Memoriae is backed by a distinguished musicality.

We’ve reached out to Anthony and Walid to get some insight into the records that inspired them to not only pursue music as fans, but as writers and performers, which include acts such as Bathory, Hypocrisy, and Pink Floyd alike. Get a glimpse of The Anatomy Of Kaoteon below.

Anthony (guitar)

Pink Floyd – Live in Pompeii

When you hear KAOTEON, it is hard to think that what shaped the riffs of its music composer are albums like Pink Floyd’s Live in Pompeii, which came out before its time, and we still didn’t reach its time. An experimental album at its best, that definitely influenced many bands on its own. I know many claim that Black Sabbath started it all, but the track “Set the Controls at the Heart of the Sun” does it for all atmospheric to psychedelic and avant garde black metal bands.

Igor Stravinsky – The Rite of Spring

This is the Deathspell Omega of its time. Russian composer delivers an exciting blow to the music scene that is still as thrilling as the first day I heard it. I love classical music but this composition that is based on Pagan Myths and composed for a ballet originally is Epic.

Burzum – Filosofem

Varg, although I never read his theories and agree that he is a weird guy, has done an amazing job by creating a second wave of atmospheric black metal with this album. It definitely comes to mind when thinking of albums that stand out in my head.

Bathory – Blood Fire Death

One hell of an amazing album that came out before everything, although most what came after sounds like it. It is a great album from riffs to mood and delivery.

Mayhem – De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

I could mention a lot of albums and artists instead as favorites — The Cure, Tom Waits, Radiohead, Portishead, Nine Inch Nails, Satyricon, Emperor — but this album is definitely the one that earns this spot for musical influence, not only for its uncompromising riffs and groundbreaking drums, but Attila’s vocals set the bar for vocalists from that point onward to stand out and still sound amazing.

Walid (vocals)

Hypocrisy – Osculum Obscenum

Those riffs, forged in the blackest pits of hell, made a huge impact on my musical taste. I discovered this album in the late 90s and they’re still some of my favorite songs to date. Hypocrisy has been one of my favorite bands since then, and while Peter wasn’t the vocalist on the first two records (Emperor Magus Caligula handled those duties), Peter’s vocals on the other albums definitely made me aspire to become one myself.

Bathory – Blood Fire Death

Evil. Pure. Perfect. This is the definition of metal music for me. Every song is an opus, every scream eternal. The drum of war. Quorthon paved the way in every style of metal music, from his garage, defying and defining, and for all of his art, I’m eternally grateful.

Satyricon – Nemesis Divina

Frost is my favorite drummer for a reason and this album clearly explains it. An absolute beast of a musician. The band has progressed a lot since then, I love every release they’ve made, but Nemesis will always bring back those teenage memories from the first note of the album! This is Armageddon!

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Murder Ballads

Dark, human, and sinister. Nick Cave is exactly what an artist is, he portrays every aspect of humanity in its rawest form. Every word of horror sang, every note played, every woeful promise is an anthem of doom. “Farewell happy fields, where Joy forever dwells, Hail Horrors! Hail!”

Tom Waits – Rain Dogs

The haunting echoing cries of the lonesome night, drenched in all the intoxicating feelings and memories. That’s Rain Dogs for you. I’ve spent countless nights in Beirut driving around aimlessly, guided by nothing by the hymns of Waits and this record. We’ve howled together, we’ve wailed together, and we’ve laughed together to this record. It reeks of smoke, alcohol, tears and gaiety, which is why it’ll always remind me of Beirut.

You can pre-order and stream a track from Damnatio Memoriae via the Bandcamp player above. The album drops February 23rd, 2018.

Jimmy Rowe

Published 6 years ago