Something is golden in the Kingdom of the Scots. And the Irish. And the English. For the past decade, the “old country” has been giving us more and more excellent releases revolving around the genres of post rock, math rock, alternative rock and the such. More than that, bands from the area have been painting these genres in brighter and more unique colour than their compatriots in other places. Examples? VASAAlpha Male Tea PartyNordic Giants and more and more. Well, here comes another; A Sudden Burst of Colour have recently released a single titled “I Am The Storm” and it’s all of the above; it’s a bit of post rock, a bit of math rock and a whole lot of groove section goodness. We’re here to tell you to check it out!

Oh man, what’s not to love here? The beginning lead guitars tell you that you might know where this is going, all dreamy delay and far flung chords, but the drums are telling a different, more upbeat story. The beauty of this track is that neither is chosen; “I Am The Storm” is equal parts groove (I dare you not to chair-dance when the bass line first hits) and equal parts dreams, a blend you should be familiar with by now if you’ve been following bands from the area. Most importantly, it’s just a really fun track that has a clear direction and intent. This allows it to juggle all the influences included in it into a whole, a fun and meditative frolic through realms of bright notes and fuzzy ideas.

Does this track hint at a full length that’s coming soon? We can’t really say (it does) but we recommend you watch this space for more news of this promising band’s work. You can also head on over to their Bandcamp to grab the single and keep up to date with them.


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