Is there anything more enjoyable than the current revival of traditional heavy metal? To be honest, I don’t think so; I’m listening to four or five albums from this movement currently and it’s a damn joy. Beyond the nostalgia value, there’s this unrestrained and straightforward quality to heavy metal that I’ve always loved and it’s really fun hearing bands tap back into that gut-instinct origin. Take Black Wail as an example; they’re set to release their album, Chromium Homes, on December 15th and it’s an incredibly satisfying blend between heavy metal and psychedelic rock. Luckily, the track we’re premiering today is a fine example of what the release is all about, so head on below to check it out before we dig deeper!


Boy, oh boy! The initial movements of the track are pure heavy metal, as far as the instruments are concerned anyway. The vocals, however, take the same approach as they do for most of the album, choosing a shrill and faintly abrasive tone for their delivery. This is the secret to much of the album’s appeal, mixing things up instead of settling for another Bruce Dickinson or Ozzy Osbourne impersonation. The second half of the track adds another cool touch, as it descends completely into psych rock, replete with thick bass, loud drums and a thrilling, shrieking solo.

The end result echoes bands like Hawkwind, blending heavy passages with psychedelic escapades. While this sound has been making its own comeback, we haven’t really heard it executed to this degree before; that’s what makes Chromium Homes so exciting and even, dare we say it, important. It comes out soon, so head on over to Rhyme and Reason Records to watch the band’s space and pre-order it when the times comes.

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