Earlier in the week Eden introduced us to fun-loving Canadian weirdos Bird Problems, and I couldn’t help but think that Australia must have something of the sort. Enter Triple

6 years ago

Earlier in the week Eden introduced us to fun-loving Canadian weirdos Bird Problems, and I couldn’t help but think that Australia must have something of the sort. Enter Triple Kill, relative newcomers to the heavy metal scene in Melbourne. The quintet play straight up heavy metal, with drummer Connor O’Keane listing some of their key influences as “Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Lamb of God and Pantera“. Add to this mixture of power metal and groove some distinct characteristics from both thrash and melodic death metal and you have yourself Triple Kill’s core sound. However, things don’t just stop at the music. Triple Kill have quickly made a name for themselves for producing some fantastic, hilarious videos. But hey, don’t take my word for it, check out the band’s introductory video below:

The band’s debut EP, The First Kill, was released in July of this year and adheres to the crucial rule of FFF: it’s Fantastical, it’s Funny, and it’s just straight-up Fun. It’s always a breath of fresh air to come across a band that doesn’t take itself too seriously, with each band member clearly having a great time as they simply rock out with their friends. Guitarist Anthony Commane explains that they just love “writing sketches and dumb jokes”, with their approach to both music and music videos lending themselves nicely to “presenting utter stupidity with total sincerity”. In saying that, this comedic approach in no way takes away from the music, for if anything it embellishes it. Every riff, every hook (and there are plenty), and every beat is that much better for the fact that it’s so care-free and light-hearted. Need something to listen to on the road? Need something to unwind with as you sink a fresh, cold beer with some mates? The First Kill has you covered, and you can check out lead single/short movie “Blades” to see what I mean:

The melodeath influences are clear in the intro, whilst there are also a swathe of chugs littered throughout, but for the most part it’s just that trad metal goodness many of us grew up with. It’s also immediately clear that the band have written this EP with live shows in mind, most songs featuring gang vocals which are perfect for crowd engagement and interaction. As a result, even a handful of cursory listens will leave their melodic beyblades spinning around in your head for days, their double-weight discs pushing everything else to the side. The band are also happy to show a couple of different takes on their sound, as we can see with their groovy second single “Swarm”:

The groove and vocal harmonies are particularly reminiscent of Alice in Chains, as the band showcase a darker, moodier vibe whilst retaining the energy and infectiousness of the preceding tracks. If you have 30-odd minutes to spare and are looking to let you hair down, or if you’re bald and you want to let your beard down, or if you have neither hair nor beard and you want to let your perm down, then make sure you do so with The First Kill. Fun, catchy and full of Aussie humour, it’s impossible not to have a good time when listening to it. We can only hope that this bunch of Aussie weirdos can inspire a few other bands to have some more fun, incorporate their other passions into their music, and, regardless of their budget, make some more interesting videos than five guys playing in a room. With an LP in the works and plenty of shows to come, make sure to follow Triple Kill’s Facebook page for all the news and please, for your own sake, subscribe to their Youtube channel. Their music (and merch) is available on bandcamp, and I’m sure their below video will do a better job of selling their merch than my words ever could:

Karlo Doroc

Published 6 years ago