Chicago progressive quintet Paper Hero released their Colorless Aquarium EP in July of 2016. Filled with slick riffs courtesy of guitarists Maru Martinez and Brycen Doby, rhythmic drum and bass with Tristan Zemtseff and Austin Ramsey (respectively), and soaring vocal melodies and metalcore-reminiscent growls from vocalist Giovanni Franceschi (with a little help from Zemtseff), the six-song EP offers just enough variety to deviate from what you’d expect from the “progressive” label.

We won’t addle you with words about the music—it more than speaks for itself and is beyond your standard fare these days. We’re proud to present Paper Hero’s first music video ever in “Think Deep,” bringing to life the fourth track of their 2016 debut EP.

You can purchase the Colorless Aquarium EP in a physical format for $6 or grab the digital version, either with or without vocals, at the very attractive “Name Your Price” option!

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