Oh boy do we have something hot and nasty for you to start off the week. Cobwebs in your ears from a long weekend looking at the bottom of a bottle? Just pissed that it’s Monday and Bob from HR won’t stop chewing with his mouth open? We’ve got something for you. Coming fresh from their upcoming sophomore release Amputheatre, we’ve got a brand new track from India’s deathgrind destroyers Gutslit. One of my favourite tracks from this release, we present you with “From Ear To Ear,” as always, over the jump.

Hands down one of the surprise packages of 2017, Gutslit have improved drastically on their sound since debut Skewered In The Sewer four years ago; “From Ear To Ear” being the perfect encapsulation of this new sound, with grinding death metal and dick-punching grooves liberally doled out all over this track. Tagged as brutal death, there’s definitely more of a sway towards grind on this track in particular, and it makes for one of the best tracks on the record. The fake-out one minute in and the subsequent riff battery that follows only gets heavier and nastier as sudden drops shift into vicious gravity blasts and neck wrenching grooves. New vocalist Kaushal LS barks harder than most too, with obvious comparisons to Sven of Aborted in tow for good reason; the Aborted comparison ringing true for much of the material too, without ever sounding too similar. There’s more than one deathgrind heavyweight on the card these days, after all.

Bloody, brilliant and brutal (just like the gorgeous artwork by Eliran Kantor [Fleshgod Apocalypse, Incantation]), Gutslit’s propensity for punishing grooves and windmill friendly tunes hits just as hard as the pulsing blasts and fret melting riffs they dish out. “From Ear To Ear” and the rest of the brutal offerings served up on Amputheatre sound fantastic, crushing and undeniably catchy in parts too. India’s primary brutal boys have the best release of the year on Transcending Obscurity, hands down, and hopefully the rest of the world will take notice. This is seriously great death metal (deathgrind, brutal death, whatever) and I implore everyone who enjoys underground death to share this with the grind fans who shrug off death metal and vice versa. Bring all your crusty friends under the same umbrella thanks to Gutslit.

Amputheatre is available 10/15 via Transcending Obscurity, and can be pre-ordered via Gutslit’s Bandcamp.

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