Honestly, we don’t talk about Jinjer enough on the blog. The Ukrainian groove/modern metal powerhouse has been in operation for over a year now and their 2016 release, King of Everything, was a delightful piece of anthemic sound. They’re also quite well known for their live shows, garnering a name for themself as a dynamo of live energy and groove. Well, if you haven’t had the chance to catch them on tour, we’ve got your covered; “Words of Wisdom” is one of the best tracks from their 2016 release and we now have a live video of the track! Head on down below for some hip-moving riffs and grooves.

Let’s open with the end of the track: god fucking damn, that breakdown at three minutes and fifteen seconds is so fucking good. There’s no resisting the cymbal work, the expertly timed callout from singer Tatiana Shmaylyuk and the endless grooves which lives on that final riff. Speaking of Shmaylyuk, her presence on stage is second to none and does much to carry the track forward. She has the crowd in the palm of her hand and rightfully so; she sounds fantastic live, even when tackling the not necessarily easy transition from harsh to clean vocals.

The rest of the band are just as on point, especially the drums which churn the thick baseline necessary for succesful live performances. Over all, this clip proves, once again, the Jinjer are here to stay; they have the professional edge so often missing from bands of their genre. I truly believe that it’s in such live settings that a band’s cohesion and expertise is most often truly tested and Jinjer have passed that test with flying colors. Make sure to check out King of Everything right here, if you haven’t done so already.


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