Many bands take a swing at metalcore or this new wave of hardcore that we’ve profiled on Heavy Blog from time to time (including as recently as our lengthy discussion of its evolution). Some of the newer bands entering that particular arena throw twists like melody or inflections from other niche genres from punk to punk to shoegaze and everything else in the crevices, nooks, and crannies of heavier music. For all of the growth in the genre and the myriad of ways in which it has splintered, fractured, and ultimately reinvented itself, we continue to see wave after wave of new bands trying out their own approach.

One of those newer bands, Lifelink, comes to us courtesy of Philadelphia record label, Innerstrength, having honed their particular take on metallic hardcore on their second release, Love Lost. The EP heavily features the guitar talents of Josh Brown and Kamran Oskouie, some might even say it relies on them. The track we’re premiering here, “Lost”, shows roots similar to those of Architects, Volumes, and Novelists, with some nicely worked exchanges from Brown and Oskouie as they switch from mid-tempo moshes to trading off leads amidst Dillinger-esque chords. Meanwhile vocalist, Luke Blanchard, stays firmly in the pocket between a growl and a yell which might belie the range he has developed since the band’s last release, Nothing, that came out in 2015.

Their new release shows a lot of growth, overall, and for fans of this particular genre you’ll find a lot to love especially if you like getting in on the ground floor of promising newer bands. “Lost” and its accompanying EP drops today (September 1st) showing off how this band from Arizona is gearing up to take on the world. Have a listen and if it grabs you, pick up their brand new release, Love Lost, here.


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