The Interbeing is a band that’s been making waves over the last few years. I keep seeing their name crop up in all sorts of places, like running orders for festivals or djent aficionados’ retorts to claim that djent is dead. Thus, when I was contacted to run their premiere, I was immediately intrigued; who are these oddly named bunch? Well, turns out that I should have listened to them sooner as they deal in the type djent/alternative metal for which I have a soft spot. Oh, and their new video is an absolutely delightful piece of science fiction, well produced and well written. What more do you need to know? Head on down below for your first listen!

I’ll be honest with you; at least 30% of why I’m writing about this is the gorgeous video. Beyond the effects themselves, I really like the storyboarding; the story of our strange protagonist is told really well and the eventual reversal, something which is often mishandled, is done very well. The music being great helps as well; I love the synth tones replete throughout the track, adding some much appreciated frills to the guitar lines. These do their job well, laying down the groundwork from which the track blossoms. The vocal back and forth between cleans and harsh might not be the most groundbreaking structure around but it’s done well here, the lower harsh vocals utilized rarely to give the cleans a more soaring quality in contrast.

The comparisons to SikTh should be clear at this point. However, if there’s one thing we need is more bands taking advantage of the masters’ return and making more music in this style. Thus, I am officially Stoked™ to check out The Interbeing’s Among the Amorphous in full, which was released on June 23rd via Long Branch Records/SPV. It promises some tastefully made alt metal mixed with djent and hey, that’s still a good thing when done well as The Interbeing seem more than capable of doing.


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