Coming back from the overly articulate realms of progressive metal which I experienced at last week’s Be Prog! My Friend festival, required a palette cleanser. I asked the staff for the dirtiest, most straight-forwardly aggressive slime out there and boy, did they deliver. This is a fantastic time to listen to OSDM and the overall resurgence of plain old angry music. Surprisingly enough, the inbox delivered as well, in the form of LIGÆDER, a Copenhagen based group containing members from diverse local band as well as guest spots from LLNN and Église. These guys peddle the most absurdly filthy type of death metal but somehow manage to actually extract and nuance and emotion from the formula. Put on your best sewer diving gear and meet me below.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1533639640 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=359824266]


God. Fucking. DAMN. From the first punk-y riffs filled with crust, through the absolutely punishing riffs of the rest of the track and, indeed, the album, FORDØJET LEVENDE, is pure fucking aggression quoted in a nihilistic approach to production belied by its cover art. Everything is smeared with grime. The finishing touch on this masterpiece of hate are the vocals; screamed, spat out, they are the kind of growl you find either at the beginning of the genre or here, at what appears to be, if not its end, some sort of terminus in its evolution. Most of all, it’s a gut experience, aimed at the basest parts of your psyche and stomach.

However, this album also has plenty of musical surprises. Check out the solo right after the middle mark of “Druknedøden”. It’s expressiveness creates perfect contrast and works brilliantly with the feedback laden riffs of the next track and its crust punk beat. What else can I say? Not much. Spin this if you’re looking to cover the world in the same filth all our souls are covered in and other such angst-y emotions. You’ll find all the outlet you need for those right here and then some. 


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