Chris Cornell died a “sudden and unexpected” death Wednesday night at the age of 52 in Detroid, MI while on tour. The Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman also started Temple of the Dog, whose other members would go on to form major grunge act Pearl Jam. Cornell, with the other members of Soundgarden, helped pioneer the grunge music scene in Seattle alongside Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Pearl Jam in the early and mid-90s. His voice was only part of what made him a great and important musician; his songwriting played an equal, if not greater, part in his brilliance. His ability to create complex structures which live on the fringes of the music, underneath the supposedly “simple” composition and execution, guarantee that his legacy will live on long after his voice is silenced. Just listen carefully to the track below, a masterpiece of song structure and progression.

Cornell leaves behind a wife and three children. We don’t really have the words to put together how important Cornell was to the music scene at large, to Heavy Blog is Heavy, as a musical influence to so many, myself included. His power of delivery, his honesty, his energy which carried him through rough times and a tumultuous career, will always have a place in our hearts and, indeed, in the community’s memory.

Thank you for everything.

Photo via Rolling Stone.


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