By now you should have worked out I’m a bit of a one trick pony. If it’s not fast, filthy, coated in overdrive and violent then I’m

7 years ago

By now you should have worked out I’m a bit of a one trick pony. If it’s not fast, filthy, coated in overdrive and violent then I’m probably not interested. The shit cookie just crumbles that way in 2017 pour moi. Should this not be an issue for you then boy, do I got some of the good good today. The violence comes from New Jersey this week, the meat and bass free pounding courtesy of fluoride (I dig on no capitals band names, more please).

Again, this is fresh off the press so don’t be upset if you feel like you should have heard this riot already. There’s no time like the present. With that, when the last gurgling notes of noise fade out of this self titled debut, your shitty past will seem even more shitty and you’ll see no light in the immediate future. At least not a light that isn’t dangling from the ceiling of your new home in the sanitarium; or from the lamp burning softly next to your bare swinging feet. This is totally morbid and unhinged and perfect. Think new Wormrot or old Magrudergrind but like, the crustiest toenail version of both.

Emoviolence and skramz stuff is Jake’s territory on Heavy Blog so I hope my descriptors do him proud. fluoride lingers on the emotional output of these genres without ever giving up the violence; violence force fed with heaping piles of broken machine parts. “retributivism” lasts a healthy two minutes and is as good an indication of what’s to come one could hope for. The push and pull of shifting blasts is fucking heroin for the ears of this crusty fool. Why does nothing sound totally in tune? Why is the ride bell so god damn loud? Who cares?

This isn’t music with articulation and nuance and nor shall it ever be. The unconditionally abrasive nature of powerviolence and grind shines dim (un)like the last light of life right across these tracks. There’s even a touch of black metal on “due process”. Black. Metal. From a skramz band. Bliss! Everything I’ve come to learn to love about dirty, rotten ‘core’ music gets a nod or a klaxon like shout out from fluoride. Loose strings are played ferociously and I feel genuinely sorry (not sorry) for the drum kit used in studio. The poor cunt must be hanging together by threads.

I’ve not even touched on the vocals yet and they might just be my favourite part. Known only as Suzy, this human creates the most fucking wretched sounds I’ve heard this year. This even includes the noises I made in the bathroom while food poisoning wrecked and ruined my body. Completely driven by emotion, these screeches spit fire and not the “fire” that kids describe their hair or lunch as – fuck that noise. I’m torn whether I like the fact that there are no lyrics available because I’ve just been making it up myself. It works too. There’s one part in “cool guy backed hard” though where I can’t work out if it’s “I love you” or “I loved you”. I think the past tense is more upfront sad, but if it’s meant to have been delivered in the present tense then jeez, that’s a fucked up love letter right there.

So comes to an end yet another rancid ode to vulgar music.  These are fun to write. I only hope they’re enjoyable to read. Who am I kidding. There is no hope. Only violent despair. What a time to be alive. Thanks to fluoride and the YouTube channel that showed me this most precious debut. Check them out before you die because that could happen literally any second now.

Matt MacLennan

Published 7 years ago