It’s a new day with new music so jump out of the picket line for a minute or twenty. We’re lucky, blessed even to get to share with you, the Heaviest of readers, the brand new EP from UK metallers Belial. This is modern technical metal from the school of Josh Travis and Fellsilent and school is back in so you know, pay attention or you’re getting a whoopin’. Riffs, chills and morbid moments lie ahead. After the jump, as always.

Nine out of ten bands that ply their trade in the UK technical metal scene are gash; tripe of the most generic order. Belial are one of the good eggs. Nihil Est is a sophomore release from a band still young in years but not lacking in creativity and guile. Some might throw this under the slowly derailing deathcore movement but that would be unfair on Belial. There are core elements for sure, but there’s actually room for the electronic elements and overdubbed guitars to push out and turn fairly heavy tracks into expansive pieces of music. Things also stay technical enough throughout, but never get to the wanker stage. Probably because a big Danza bass drop kicks in every now and then just to remind the listener that there’s darkness ahead.

I miss Nexilva, another darling UK talent that have fallen out of the limelight. Now, between Belial and the rabble of gentlemen in From Sorrow To Serenity I have two UK acts that I can throw on when I need some dark, satisfying grooves. Belial definitely hang off their electronic elements more so than most tech bands but they blend atmosphere with impact better than most.

Nihil Est releases on January 27th through Siege Music and can be obtained at this here location. Buy it. Blast it. Belial it.


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