In April of 2012, London outfit When Our Time Comes released a short, yet sweet EP called the Test the Waters EP which had some ties to the still surging djent movement djent movement. The EP was produced by Justin Hill of former Sikth fame and was a solid chunk of groovy metalcore, with the vocalist sounding a bit like Sean McWeeney from The Safety Fire (RIP) at times. They released their self-titled full length debut album almost four years after their EP was released and it’s pretty safe to say that the wait was worth it. The choruses have gotten bigger, the riffs better and what already worked before works well here as well. It’s probably one of the most slept on metalcore hits of the year.

The album opener “Home Truths” is a strong upbeat banger that constantly soars upward, assisted by a huge, layered chorus and uplifting synth-lined guitar parts. Everything this song does is perfectly on target, at least if it’s aiming to get you super stoked to hear more of what this band is capable of. The following song “Beyond Limits” seems similar in composition to a The Safety Fire song with it’s bouncy and technical riffing found throughout. It also has a vocal feature by singer/songwriter Sian Cross that is to die for. It’s not over the top or gaudy, but placed perfectly in the song for maximum effect. The next track “Port to Call” not only functioned as the debut single from the album, being released nearly two years ago, but currently functions as a song that has all the hallmarks of a damn near perfect track. The chorus is catchy, the song constantly pushes itself forward and is unrelenting in regards to the sheer amount of energy it constantly pushes upon the listener.

The album is full of songs like these, with a great amount of variety and attention to craft throughout. Some of the songs have indulgent, shredding solos (“Breathe Again” and ) while others rely on technical licks and pounding drums to carry them through the listeners ears (“Impending”). there are some that only long to exist in a constant state of electronic interference and delay (“Interlude”) but When Our Time Comes seem to pull all of these sounds together and make it work in their favor. Nothing on this album sounds forced, corny or even cliche, despite the albu, feeling very familiar and upbeat. The only real problem with the album is the mix. It’s good, but some of the instruments could use a little bit more clarity and the single mix of “Home Truths” sounds better than the album mix. It’s not a fatiguing listen because of this, but something that just kept popping up when returning to it for repeated listening.

2016 has been a great year for music and it’s great to know that there’s so much more of it that we haven’t heard yet. If you’re looking for a great metalcore album to spin to get you in a good mood, you should listen to this. Really, if you’re just looking for music to spin period you should give this record a go. As stated in the first paragraph, this could be one of the best and most slept on metalcore hits of the year. The album clocks in at a cool forty seven minutes, so it’s also a very reasonable length, giving you just enough to enjoy and very little to dislike.

When Our Time Comes is available now via Lifeforce Records. You can purchase it here

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